Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction – 6 Easy Ways To Deal With It

Erectile dysfunction is a very difficult topic for every man. This is because, as studies show, sexual prowess is the most important attribute of a man, confirming his masculinity. Erectile dysfunction heavily affects a man’s psyche. However, let us clearly stress from the off that erectile dysfunction can be overcome in many ways!

Erection, impotence, erectile dysfunction – a bit of theory

Erection – is a physiological phenomenon in which the penis becomes firmer, engorged and enlarged as a result of increased inflow and reduced outflow of blood from the organ. (Wikipedia). Unfortunately, men sometimes suffer from erectile dysfunction – known as a dysfunction manifesting in the lack of erection despite being sexually aroused.

The problem is a common one. According to the study by the Polish Association of Sexual Sciences, as many as 2.6 million Poles suffer from erectile dysfunction. Although the number is quite high, surveys show that doctors do not ask their patients about their sexual lives – as many as 82% of respondents declared that they had never been asked about their sexual prowess by their doctors (information taken from the Polish Health Report: Sexual dysfunction in men – a portrayal of the problem seen through the eyes of women and men


Men who don’t suffer from erection problems get an erection 3-5 times each night. During the day, healthy men may get an erection even up to 11 times (on average)!

There are three types of erection:

Nocturnal erection – occurs mainly during the night (when sleeping)

Psychogenic erection – caused by sexual fantasies and when watching porn

Reflex erection – caused by stimulation of the genitalia


Erectile dysfunction – causes

There are many causes of erection problems. It can be caused by both physical and mental factors. Most common physical factors include:

– irregularities in the cavernous bodies of the penis,

– hormonal disorders,

– neurological disorders,

– various diseases, e.g. diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases,

– injuries to the spinal cord,

– surgery performed within the prostate area,

– stimulants (alcohol, tobacco and others),

– taking certain types of medications (e.g. hypertension medications, sedatives, antidepressants)


Did you know that…

! sleep deprivation lowers your sex drive and is detrimental to your erection?

! stimulants may cause erectile dysfunction even in young men?

! erection problems may be a sign of testosterone deficiency

Concerning mental factors, we can point to:

– a low self-esteem,

– fear of having children,

– anxiety connected with sexual intercourse (particularly in young men),

– problems in the relationship,

– bad previous sexual experiences.


Men’s reactions to erectile dysfunction

According to the already quoted , men who suffer from erectile dysfunction:

Focus excessively on work 37%
Avoid sex using fatigue as an excuse 32%
Lose their interest in sex 17%
Start to experience various types of disorders 8%
Blame their partner for causing them to lose interest in sex 6%

Data based on:

Of course, none of these solutions is good. Nobody should be blamed for erectile dysfunction, just as nobody should just try and forget the problem by hiding their heads in the sand. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, do the opposite: rather than focusing on work, take a vacation and rest a bit. Don’t avoid sex but try to rediscover it and be frank with your partner!

Ways to combat erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a significant challenge, for both the man and his partner. However, keep in mind that impotence may be temporary, but if erection problems persist, you can find a cure for them. Below we describe the ways to treat erectile dysfunction.

Lead a healthy lifestyle.

Our body can react in various ways if we fail to take proper care of it. First of all, do all the basic tests, and if you drink a lot of alcohol or smoke tobacco – limit or completely cut off your intake. You should also think about a healthy diet! Don’t shy away from sports – remember: a sound mind in a sound body!

Don’t avoid getting intimate

Getting intimate and petting may be of great help in erectile dysfunction – don’t avoid it!


There are many products that stimulate your potency available on the market. Some of them include Eron plus, maxonactive, vigrax and many, many others. Products of this type improve your erection, stimulate it and have no side effects. Potency medications are very popular and give satisfactory results. What’s important is that you can buy potency medications over-the-counter.

Appropriate exercises

Kegel muscle exercises are some of the most popular and effective exercises. They involve tightening the pelvic muscles while urinating.

Water jets

More and more doctors and sexologists are starting to recommend this method – it helps not only with erectile dysfunction, but also improves your sexual prowess and sex drive. Water jets should be applied to the lower abdomen, alternately hot and cold water. Are you trying to find ways to improve your erection? This might be a great way!

Seeing a doctor

If your erectile dysfunction persists despite making changes to your lifestyle: eliminating every factors that might have caused the dysfunction, taking supplementation and doing exercises, then you should see a specialist.


How to improve your erection?

Above we described some ways to combat erectile dysfunction, but not all  erection problems are related to the lack of it. Sometimes erection does take place but  it’s very weak. That’s when you should ask yourself: how to improve your erection, and thus extend sexual intercourse and give yourself and your partner even more pleasure? In order to improve your erection, you should definitely try the advice that has already been given here – a healthy lifestyle, good diet and sleeping pattern are very important. Exercises that improve erection are also extremely helpful. You can also try sound wave therapy – a non-invasive, completely painless and safe method.

The answer to the question how to improve your erection is this – reduce stress in your life! A smile and a positive attitude are among the best medications!


Erectile dysfunction may affect men of all ages. Problems can be caused by temporary issues in the relationship or a stressful work situation but might also result from physical disorders. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction – don’t ignore it! There are many methods and ways of making your sex life flourish again!

Erectile dysfunction, low libido – these problems can be overcome. The road to success may sometimes be longer and sometimes very short. By doing the right exercises, taking high-quality supplements or taking up healthy habits you can achieve a lot and forget about such problems as erectile dysfunction or impotence.

Last modified: June 21, 2018