Erectile dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction – the best advice on how to deal with it

Sexual life is successful when we can have sex whenever we want and when our partner requires it. It is an indisputable fact, which people with erectile dysfunction will certainly agree with. Sometimes erection does not come. The lover tries to help, but it does not work, and the man is ashamed and apologizes for the biff. This type of scenario unfortunately happens to many men. Erectile dysfunction affects 40 percent of men over 40! Can it be treated? Absolutely! Even if the problem results from genetic malformations or, for example, serious spinal injuries, impotence can be successfully treated. Let us find out  what it is exactly and how to deal with it!


Erectile dysfunction – definition and causes

Erectile dysfunction is a problem of men of all ages, and is defined as the remittent inability to achieve and maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. In practice, this should be considered a problem when the minimum one in four intercourses is unsuccessful because the erection does not appear or is not full. Interestingly, contrary to the common opinion, erectile dysfunction is not caused by old age. Even a 60-year-old man can lead a more active sex life than a man in his late twenties! However, impotence can happen to men of all ages and ruin more than one relationship. Its causes should be sought, among others, in an unhealthy lifestyle and some diseases. Regardless of what causes it, you should always tell your doctor about erection problems. Because impotence is not a lifetime sentence.

Erectile dysfunction

If you notice problems with erection, take all attempts to cure it. This problem is not temporary, and if left untreated, it may become more serious with years. As a consequence, it will make it even harder for you to achieve an erection and cure the dysfunction. Approximately as many as 70% of men with erectile dysfunction do not receive any professional help, and only one in ten undergo treatment under the watchful eye of a specialist. Meanwhile, the problem could be serious and therefore you should not ignore it. It is worth putting the feeling of shame aside and face the problem.

The main causes of erectile dysfunction:

  • damage to the blood vessels and cavernous bodies of the member,
  • neurological disorders,
  • hormonal disorders,
  • alcohol and drug abuse,
  • taking certain medicines that may cause erectile dysfunction,
  • diseases such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, hypertension or heart disease,
  • psychological problems – depressions, fears, insecurities, deviances and inappropriate erotic fantasies, fear of conception or HIV infection and many others,
  • inappropriate partner’s reactions or lack of sexual attraction to a specific person – this is often the primary reason why erection does not occur.


Erectile dysfunction – treatment

Erectile dysfunction may be caused by various factors. Therefore the right treatment method should be selected on individual basis. If the inability to achieve an erection results from psychological factors, therapy will be necessary.  If it is caused by medical problems, it may be necessary to take proper medications. Sometimes even physiotherapy or surgery may be required.


Of course, sometimes we ourselves can find solutions to our problems. For example by leading a healthier lifestyle, giving up stimulants, performing penis exercises or simply having an honest

conversation with our partner. You can find the right solution to any problem, including bad sex life!

Erectile dysfunction treatment

Impotence – erectile dysfunction, or even a lack of erection!

Commonly, erectile dysfunction is known as impotence, but it is a pejorative term, which nowadays is associated with a total inability to have sex, and is very hurtful for many men. What’s more, impotence can be of primary or secondary nature, so erectile dysfunction can occur constantly or it can start occurring at a certain point of a man’s life. Many men ask themselves: Is impotence curable? First of all, a man who has erection problems  should take care of the quality of his life. He must lose weight, start moving, relax and eat healthy food. He must also quit stimulants. But if that does not help, there are other solutions!


Good to know – Impotence affects up to 75% of men over 80 years old!


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Sometimes talking about this type of problem is not easy, and so many men try to deal with erectile dysfunction on their own. And if you too decide to do that, it’s best to do it using a proven method, such as Eron Plusit consists of two preparations and is should be taken two hours before intercourse to directly stimulate an erection. Interestingly – it was created based on natural ingredients such as l-arginine, therefore it is safe to use and does not cause any adverse reactions. So try it – maybe it will be the best way for you to have a successful sex life!


Erectile dysfunction – conclusion

For many men, impotence is like a sentence, but there are more and more treatments for erectile dysfunction. Therefore, it is not worth hiding the problem, because untreated impotence can lead to the break-up of the relationship and lower self-esteem. The truth is that all erection problems can be overcome, and you only need a bit of perseverance and courage. There are many methods of treatment available. You just need to find the right one for you! If the available non-prescription drugs do not help, get in touch with a specialist who will surely find a way to let you enjoy sex again!


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Last modified: June 21, 2018