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Male Orgasmic Disorder – 5 Best Ways To Deal With It!

Sex is passion, intimacy, a sense of being close with a partner. But also an orgasm. Or, as some people call it, a happy ending. One of the most pleasant moments in the life of every human being. Although one should not treat it as an end in itself or give it superior value in a sexual relation, its lack is painful. Even though it is the female climax that is often more problematic to achieve, this problem also exists among men. However, people do not like to speak about it. That is why we should address the problem of male orgasmic disorder!

What is a male orgasm?

There are several stages to climaxing in men:

  • The stage of arousal in which the erection strengthens, muscles tense, and breathing accelerates considerably.
  • Plateau – the pressure increases even more, and the heart beating accelerates – additionally the testicles grow, and the penis discharges a substance in which sperm can be found.
  • An orgasm, where the muscle tone is the greatest and there are spasm of the urethra; this is the stage of climaxing where a wave of pleasure comes, and the ejaculation of sperm occurs.
  • Relaxation stage – after the orgasm stage there is relaxation, which is associated with a decrease in muscle tone, the slowing down of the breathing and the return of the member and testicles to normal size.

For men, as well as women, orgasm is the culmination of a successful intercourse. Its lack may cause not only discomfort, but also more serious mental problems.

Anorgasmia – what is it?

Anorgasmia is a male orgasmic disorder. It is manifested by the lack of orgasm. You cannot achieve it despite the fact that many symptoms of sexual arousal occur before the climax. Male orgasmic disorder may be of primary or secondary nature. This means that the lack of orgasm occurs always or starts occuring with time. Of course, there are many reasons for the lack of orgasm. You should get acquainted with them. And identify your own problem.

First of all – low testosterone levels

Low testosterone is one of the basic causes of the orgasmic disorder. The decrease in the levels of this hormone in the blood is accompanied by numerous symptoms. These include, among others, reduced erection frequency, decreased sex drive, diminished testicles, and many more. Of course, you can increase low testosterone levels. For example by using various medications. You should consider consulting with the doctor who will prescribe proper drugs. OR choose…

Testolan – a natural source of testosterone

Testolan is a preparation that was created using fully tested and effective ingredients. These ingredients perfectly regulate the blood levels of testosterone. Thanks to this it is possible to increase sexual activity. And, therefore, solve the problem of orgasmic disorder. It also makes it possible to increase energy and strength! Testolan is made of natural ingredients. So it is perfectly safe to use. For the best results, take it regularly. Try it! You have nothing to lose! But you have a lot to gain. Interested?

Second – medical problems

Sometimes medications designed to increase testosterone levels, such as Testolan, may not help. This might happen if the problem lies elsewhere. For example, when it is a medical problem. The lack of orgasm can be a result of diseases and health problems, which usually include:

  • pituitary gland disorder,
  • thyroid disfunction,
  • penile diseases,
  • surgery performed in the pelvic area,
  • strokes,
  • depression,
  • old age
  • taking certain medications.

medical problems with orgasm

Third – interpersonal relationship issues

Interpersonal relationships issues with a partner are a common cause of the orgasmic disorder. They include, among others, fear of conceiving or becoming infected with HIV, the lack of desire and sexual mismatch. Also, your own psyche may cause the problem. Low self-esteem, everyday stress or unpleasant sexual experiences (e.g . being molested in childhood).

Fourth – unhealthy  lifestyle

An unsatisfying sex life, as well as an orgasmic disorder, can be caused by unhealthy lifestyle choices on a daily basis. Primarily alcohol and drug abuse. It has a degrading effect on our body. If you think that stimulants may  cause the problem, you should quit them. But even if you don’t, quit them anyway. After all, health is the most important thing.

How to achieve orgasm?

The treatment of anorgasmia or diseases that cause orgasmic disorders is an individual matter. Before picking one, you should always consult with a physician. What matters the most is to identify the cause and then to introduce the right methods of treatment. Without knowing the cause of the problem, you will not be able to fight it. Therefore, in some cases, a visit to a doctor is a necessity.

How to achieve orgasm

Male orgasmic disorder – conclusion

You should remember that you can treat orgasmic disorders! And you should treat it in order for you to take pleasure in your sex life. And restore this wonderful feeling of satisfaction. If you are unable to identify the cause of the problem yourself, you should consult with a specialist! People associate a visit to a specialist with great anxiety. And sometimes shame and fear. But when you go to the doctor, you go with a specific problem. So  you do not have to be affraid that he will examine you from head to toes. The doctor will not judge you. He will not point fingers. The doctor is there to heal. And he has seen it all. That is why you should put shame and fear aside. Schedule an appointment. Go see your doctor. Just think of how much your quality of life can improve.

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Last modified: June 21, 2018