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low libido in men
Low Libido in Men

Low Sex Drive and Low Libido in Men: causes for the lack of sexual desire

Do you feel like your desire for sex decreases every day? Even though you used to feel like having sex all the time in the past, today even sexy girls barely catch your attention? A loss of desire can be caused by many different things. In this article we will try to answer the question what is the cause of low libido in men and what to do to regain appetite for sex?

Libido – what is it exactly?

Libido is referred to as “a mental representation of arousal from the interior of the body, aimed at satisfying sexual needs.” Libido is otherwise called sexual attraction, sex drive. This concept was introduced by one of the best-known doctors, the creator of psychoanalysis – Sigmunt Freud. He believed that libido is a form of energy. Another researcher of this phenomenon was Carl Gustav Jung. To him, libido was psychic energy in general. Libido is extremely important. Equally to men and women. Therefore, it is worth taking care of. If you do it, your sex life will be colorful and pleasant for many years!

Low libido in men – what are the causes?

Low libido can be caused by various factors. Your libido can be influenced by:

– unhealthy lifestyle,

– chronic stress,

– insufficient amount of sleep,

– unhealthy diet and obesity,

– problems at home or at work,

– insecurities,

– depression,

– diseases: diabetes, anemia, heart diseases,

– taking sedative, psychotropic or hypotensive drugs,

– poisoning with manganese, vinyl chloride, isocyanates.

The short-term decline in sex drive may be related to temporary problems. For example – problems at work. Like financial problems, which can severely affect your Libido. However, if the low libido persists for a long time, it may indicate a disease. So you should definitely check it out.

Do low testosterone levels cause low libido?

Hormones have a huge impact on our sex life. Therefore, if the libido drops, test your levels of testosterone. The test is simple, and if it shows low levels, taking hormones regularly should be enough. Low testosterone levels must not be ignored. The hormone is responsible for sex drive, erection and high fertility. It may also affect the cardiovascular system, cause obesity, type 2 diabetes or ischemic heart disease.

Testolan – a product that boosts testosterone levels

If low libido is the result of testosterone deficiency, think of getting good quality supplementation. One of the high quality products is Testolan. Not only does it  increase the libido, but it also gives you energy, which allows you to take care of your physical shape, muscles and sculpture. Testolan and similar supplements rejuvenate and significantly improve resilience. They also increase production of sperm and its motility.

Depression – can it cause low libido?

As we have already mentioned, various diseases can cause low libido. Including psychiatric disorders. One of the most common diseases is depression. Although it occurs more often in women, in men depression more often leads to suicide (for more information on depression, see You should never ignore long and persistent sadness. If you experience it, consult a doctor. It will not only help you deal with depression, but also – indirectly –  increase your libido!

Can chronic illness cause low libido in men?

Diseases, especially a chronic illness, can result in low libido in men. The diseases that have the greatest impact on libido are:

– diabetes,

– anemia,

– heart diseases,

– hypertension,

– rheumatoid arthritis,

– systemic lupus erythematosus.

Of course, libido can also be affected by medications. Psychotropic drugs e.g., can lower your desire for sex. The same is true for hypertensive drugs and sedatives. Especially those that contain hops, valerian or lemon balm.

If you want to enjoy high libido throughout your life, take care of your health! Lead a healthy lifestyle and get regular check-ups!

low libido

Other causes of low libido

Sleep problems

Not getting enough sleep can cause libido problems. If you work more and more, you go to bed late and do not sleep, this can lead to a significant decrease in libido. Sleep problems can also be a consequence of stressful situations. One thing is certain – if you want your equipment to work – you should get some sleep!

Of course, this is not a theory that came out of the blue! A team of researchers from the University of Chicago led by Dr. Eve Van Cauter carried out proper research. It clearly shows that reducing the amount of sleep causes a significant reduction in levels of testosterone. The hormone that is known for being responsible for sexual performance and  building muscle mass, as well as for your strength and bone density.

Can aging be the source of low libido in men?

With age, the abilities of our body are decreasing. It is completely natural. The body also produces less and less hormones that are responsible for the proper functioning of our body. One of them is testosterone. The decreasing levels of testosterone are often to blame for lower libido in men.

Remember! It is true that age causes testosterone drops. However, the drops aren’t great enough for you to worry! Much more dangerous for your libido are: chronic diseases, neuroses and depression, as well as the lack of sleep!


Attention! A study conducted by Dr. Eve Van Cauter and a team of researchers from the University of Chicago shows the differences between the drops of testosterone levels caused by not getting enough sleep and by aging. Getting less than 5 hours of sleep a day results in a reduction in testosterone levels from 10% to 15% during the day. Aging, however, makes testosterone levels decrease from 1% to 2% a year!

You can read more about the research here:

Is low libido caused by stress?

Yes! Stress is another enemy of your sex drive! What’s more, the problems caused by low libido further aggravate your mood. And the viscous circle goes on. Unfortunately, the problem grows more serious with each passing day. Eliminating stress is not possible, but you can significantly reduce it. We strongly recommend that you:

  1. Keep the level of stress at a similar level every day. Go to sleep at the same time each day. And do not stay up late. Also, spend some time outside in the open air every day.
  2. Find some time for a hobby. Thanks to this, you will greatly reduce the level of stress.
  3. Play sports. It will relax your body. And you will feel much better because of the increase in the happiness hormone production!

Low libido – conclusion

The decrease of sex drive can happen to anyone – both woman and man. However, it is the causes of this that are truly important. If we find the cause, we will definitely be able to overcome the low libido and enjoy the sexual attraction once again. Perhaps you need to take care of your health more? Maybe you need more sleep? Or maybe the problems with libido are related to your psyche? There can be many different causes. But you can always find the right medicine!

Low Libido in Men

Last modified: June 21, 2018