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Average penis size

Average Penis Size – A Few Facts You Should Know

Penis size is a delicate subject, which for many men is extremely important. Very often it is a reason for feeling insecure, and only in few cases – a reason to be proud. Many men believe that it is the size of the penis that is the most significant factor in a satisfactory intercourse. And many of thrm wish their member were bigger out of fear that they might not be satisfying their female partner in bed.  But  what is the average penis size? Let’s find out by overlooking some of the studies conducted on the topic. Thanks to them we can check the average penis size… in different countries!

Average penis size

The most reliable studies are undoubtedly those that have been carried out on as many people as possible. Therefore, we will take into account the studies conducted at King’s College London. In this study the penis size of several thousand men was measured. It turns out that the average penis size in erection is about 13 centimeters, while at flaccid – 9 centimeters (measured from the base).

Penis size in erection vs. penis size at flaccid

According to common knowledge, the difference between the size of the penis in erection and at flaccid may be from around 3 to 8 centimeters.

What’s more – if you are one of those men whose penis at flaccid is smaller, you probably get more than 100 percent growth during erection. In the case of men with a larger penis at flaccid, the growth is less significant –  about 75 percent.

Micropenis – what is it?

Speaking of the penis size, it is also worth taking up the topic of a micropenis. It is a rare condition of malformation caused by the dysfunctions of androgenic hormones excretions in the fetal development stage. Genetic factors and even obesity are often the causes of this condition. This defect causes not only physiological but also psychological problems. It can lead to insecurities, and  hence sexual inhibitions. In many cases, it can cause a complete withdrawal from sexual activity, which does not help at all.

Is micropenis a condition that can be treated?

Of course! The treatment involves the administration of appropriate hormones that restore the natural size of the penis. If hormone treatment does not work, it is possible to use a surgical procedure to apply a prosthesis. It imitates the natural structure of a member.

Average penis size by country

Since we already know the basics: what is the average size of the penis, and how it differs in erection and at flaccid, we can now move to the statistics form specific countries and even regions. The average penis size by countries is usually determined by measuring the size of the penis in erection. And this is the data we will provide.

Let’s start with the countries where men are blessed the most. These will include the countries in South America (Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia), where the average penis size in erection is 16 to 17 centimeters. The situation is similar in many African countries, like Sudan, Ghana and the winner of the “contest”: the Democratic Republic of Congo – where the average penis size is 17.93 centimeters! In Europe, the winning country is Hungary (16.51 cm).

small penis

Going down to slightly smaller sizes, the trend still stands. The countries of South and Central America are still the leaders, then we go the Africans, and then – the Europeans, who according to the statistics have penises as large as 14.2 to15.8 centimeters.

The next group includes countries where the average length of the penis is at least 11.9 cm. Here are, among others, the Russians, Americans, Canadians, Australians, Spaniards, the Irish and the British. In the last group, where the average penis size is 9.65 – 11.68, we have countries from – yes, you guessed that right –  Asia. Among them we can find the owners of statistically the smallest penises, the Koreans – 9.66 cm.

Country Average penis size
Congo 17,9 cm
Ecuador 17,5 cm
Ghana 17,3 cm
Colombia 17,0 cm
Venezuela 17,0 cm

Countries with the largest statistical penis size in the world 

Penis size – conclusion

Probably the only right conclusion there could be, is that regardless of your penis size and regardless of whether it is statistically “normal”, you must remember that the penis size is not a determinant of a successful sex life. Because, as someone once said – “the size of the ship does not count, but the size of the waves at sea – does.” And if your size is not satisfying and you want to learn more about ways to effectively enlarge your penis – check out the 8 best tips!

Last modified: June 21, 2018