Penis enlargement

Increase Penile Size Naturally

How To Increase Penile Size Naturally

Are you worried about the size of your penis? Do you think it is too small? Do you think that your sex life is not as good as it could be? Probably, you have no reason to worry – the sizes of men’s penises are very diverse all over the world – most often the length is not very important in terms of partner’s satisfaction, and it certainly has no effect on fertility. However, if you think your penis is too small and you would are wondering how to increase penile size naturally, you can use a variety of methods.

The impact of the size on a guy’s psyche

One of the most important determinants of masculinity (from a man’s perspective) is the size of his penis. Very often men who think their members are small, have great difficulty accepting themselves. This can lead to a whole lot of problems that can affect both your private and your professional life:

– difficulties in interacting with people (especially those who are interested in us in terms of sex),

– little faith in own abilities,

– fear of intercourse,

erectile dysfunction,

– low self-esteem.

Unfortunately, very often men do not realize that the penis, which they think is small, really has an absolutely normal size. Where, then, the belief of so many men that their “manhood” is too small, comes from? Most often, we should blame the pornographic films in which the penises of the actors have a length well above normal.

Penis length

Penis length – is there anything to worry about?

According to a study by David Veale and a team of doctors (Am I normal? A systematic review and construction of nomograms for flaccid and erect penis length and circumference in up to 15 521 men – the results and conclusions available at: and most men have completely unjustified fears and insecurities related to the length of their penis. The study shows that the average length of the flaccid penis is 9.16 cm, while the length of the erect penis – 13.12 cm. So far, there have been many studies on the size of members, and the results seem to be similar:

  • Year 1996, a study published in the Journal of Urology – the average length of an erect penis: 12.9 cm,
  • Year 2000, a study published in the International Journal of Impotence Research – the average length of an erect penis: 13.6,
  • 2001, a study conducted by the LifeStyles Condoms – the average length of an erect penis: 14.9 (with a deviation of 2.1 cm),
  • Year 2007, a study published in the Eur Urol – the average length of an erect penis: 12.5 cm.

(information from:

And so, as you can see, the average length of male members, although different, depending on the study, is not that great. So, are you sure you have reasons to worry? Probably not, however, if you are still wondering how to increase penile size naturally and you do not want to use radical methods, like surgery, you can use other ways. Most often that includes different types of exercises, but not only …

How to enlarge a penis?

How to enlarge a penis? There are several ways to do it. Penis exercises and pills designed to enlarge your member  are very popular. You can also use various types of devices and pumps. As a last resort, you can undergo a penis enlargement surgery. It is worth emphasizing, however, that increasing penile size naturally is absolutely possible. Do you want to learn how to increase penile size naturally? Is the question how to enlarge penis size so that the cost is small and the results satisfactory bothering you? We hope that the following methods will broaden your knowledge!

Penis enlargement exercises

The safest methods of penis enlargement include regular exercises of special type. Unfortunately, this method is not appreciated by everyone. Why? Because it requires patience and time that we all lack. Still, it is worth to try a few exercises – regular exercise can extend the length of your penis by 1 cm after the first two months.

Stretching – the effectiveness of this method is considerable, but it can be increased by warming the penis with a warm compress or immersing it in warm water. This will significantly increase the inflow of blood to the cavernous bodies. This exercise involves making a series of stretching movements in different directions – ahead, down and up. The penis should be held at the height of its head, and the tugs should be strong and should last up to 10 seconds. If you feel pain, reduce the force of the stretching or stop the exercise.

Stretching in opposite directions – this exercise, performed for a few minutes each day, can give satisfactory results. During the exercise, we hold the ache of the penis with one hand, and the base with the other. The member should be stretched in opposite directions for about 10 seconds. During the exercise, you should feel the internal stretching. However, if you feel any discomfort or pain, stop the exercise immediately.

Jelqing – a method involving pumping as much blood as possible into the cavernous bodies of the penis. Thanks to this method, it is possible not only to enhance the length of the penis, but also to increase its circumference. The exercise consists in strongly grasping the base of the penis with our finger which we form into an OK symbol. The second hand moves from the base to the acorn. This exercise should be performed while the penis is partly erected.

Rotation – this method consists in firmly grasping the acorn with your hand by rotating clockwise. This should last about 30 seconds. After this time, we make the same move in the other direction. We should do a series of these exercises several times during the day.

Weights – this method requires a lot of commitment and attention to the proper way of performing all the activities involved. But it is effective, and we owe its popularization primarily to the Japanese. The exercise consists in attaching specially designed weights to the flaccid penis.

Penis enlargement pills

Penis enlargement pills

Penis enlargement can be done with the help of proper supplementation. At present, there are many good, safe and tested preparations on our market that can help you in the fight against the too small size of the phallus. Do you want to know how to increase penile size naturally? If so, you should consider buying a high quality supplement, which contains all natural ingredients. Its carefully measured concentration and composition of the substances will provide satisfactory results. Penis enlargement pills can surprise you with their effectiveness.

enlargement pills

Penis pumps

Pumps are becoming more and more popular. They are easily available and can be ordered for example on the Internet. Their manufacturers claim that the pumps significantly increase both length and circumference of the penis. They are also great for people who suffer from erectile dysfunction. We can choose from:

  • vacuum pumps,
  • water pumps.

Vacuum pumps create vacuum that lead to the growth of cavernous tissues of the penis. All this takes place after sucking the air out. Water pumps work on a very similar basis. The difference is that the process takes place in the water (using a water pump is considered more effective and safer).

Warning! When buying a pump, pay attention to the quality of the product! It is better to invest in better quality device – for both the durability of the pump and for your own safety.


Natural methods of penis enlargement

Any man can make his penis look longer. How to increase penile size naturally? Two ways are the most common.

Lose weight – if your penis is not large, and you yourself have more pounds than you should, unfortunately it will look even smaller than it really is. If you do not have time for the above methods, try to lose a few pounds – it will put your manhood on display!

Depilate your private parts – is your penis hidden in the bush? Change it and you’ll see the results right away. Depilation is one of the easiest ways to make your phallus look much bigger! Be sure to check out this method!

It is true that the actual length of the penis will not be extended. However, optically it will look much longer, and you will feel considerably more confident when being intimate with somebody.


Although most men’s penises have the right length (within normal limits), it is often not satisfying. Men who do not want to undergo surgical procedures and are wondering how to increase penile size naturally have many different methods to choose from:  such as exercises, penis enlargement pills or various types of devices. The assortment is large and certainly every man will find the most appropriate method for himself. We should all remember that today all of the methods are very easy to use.

Do you think your penis is too small? Take matters into your own hands!

Last modified: June 21, 2018