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Penis Size – Is It Constant For Life? Facts And Myths About Penile Size

Many men feel insecure about the size of their member – that’s old news. And although we do not intend to drive anyone into even larger insecurities, research shows that the penis size (including its circumference) … is NOT constant for life. At this point, the optimists might think that perhaps the penis can naturally grow and in erection it will be larger and larger with years? Unfortunately, it is just the opposite. The member can become smaller as a result of many factors. That is why it is important to get to know them. Mostly because we want to enjoy our manhood and keep it intact.  

Factors affecting the penis size

Since we have already learned this not-so-great news, it’s time to move on to the facts. Thanks to them we will gain awareness of what is harmful and what risk factors can be eliminated from our life.

First of all – the genetic factors

Some things are beyond our control. So is our penis size and the natural levels of testosterone in our body. Both the length and the thickness, as well as the structure of the penis are formed in the fetal stage of development. It is the genes of our parents that influence them. However, it is worth stopping for a moment because most of us think that it is the father’s genes that are the most important and that is where we get the size of the penis form. This is not entirely true. The penis size is also affected by testosterone levels in the mother’s body during her pregnancy!

Second of all – age

We are not going to hide it – a penis at flaccid and in erection grows smaller with age and the process is irreversible. The same as collagen depletion that causes wrinkles or muscle shrinkage. The aging process is natural and it is responsible for all that. It also affects our manhood. This problem may start right after turning forty. This is the time when a person enters the middle age phase and natural aging process proceeds much faster.

Is there a way to stop the penis from shrinking? Yes! We can maintain a large penis in erection primarily through sexual activity. It provides not only greater efficiency of the member, but it also boosts the production of testosterone, which affects both the size of the penis, as well as sexual abilities of the man.

penis in erection

Third – situations in your life

The human psyche is an unusually broad and yet mysterious subject matter. It turns out that the penis size can also be affected by what is happening … in our head. As the scientists have shown, the penis in erection may be smaller due to stressful situations, like the wedding or having children. Why? Again, the responsible party is the testosterone levels. They tend to drop in situations like that. There is a reason for people saying that a man softens after getting married and having children…

Solution? Less stress, more sex – to ensure the right levels of testosterone.


Fourth – stimulants

Smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol does not have a beneficial effect on our body. Not only does it lead to numerous diseases and life problems, but it can also decrease potency and even the penis size (the length as well as the circumference). Negative changes can start in the thirties. Then the struggle for a strong erection that is satisfactory to eager lovers may become more and more difficult each night.

Solution? Of course, limiting or even completely quitting all the stimulants. Health above all!


Fifth – diet

The last sentence of the previous paragraph also refers to the daily diet. The richer in vegetables, eggs and fish, the more it allows to maintain the penis size at a satisfactory level. If you eat too much fast-food or give up red meat, you can be sure that the road to a smaller penis will be much shorter. And that your partner will see your penis at flaccid, not in the erection, most of the time, anyway.

Solution? Eat plenty of cruciferous vegetables, eggs, fish and red meat, cut back on unhealthy foods.

penis at flaccid

Member XXL – a way to achieve a satisfactory penis size

The solution to the problems with the penis growing small is Member XXL. This is a preparation made of organic ingredients. Thanks to that it is both safe and effective! Properly selected and proven composition of Member XXL also allows you to enjoy a satisfying sex life. Even after turning forty! Sounds great, right? So go ahead! Try the pills for yourself. You won’t be disappointed! Just remember – you have to take the pills regularly to see the expected results.


The penis size… conclusion

The size, structure and circumference of each man’s penis is different, and everyone’s penis has different tendency to shrink. That is why it is worth taking care of certain aspects of your life and fighting for both: the penis at flaccid and in erection to be the right size – to make your sexual capacity as great as possible. Do not be idle and confront this issue. You can get great results if you decide to work on it! There are many ways to work on the size of your penis. You can try one or several of them at once. The most important thing is not to loose your spirit. Changing the size of your penis is possible if you try hard enough.

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Last modified: June 21, 2018