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Thick Penis – 3 Best Ways To Enlarge Your Penis For Good

Have you been wondering how to enlarge your penis? Have you always dreamed of having a big penis that will give real pleasure to your partner? If you think your manhood is too small, maybe you should try some proven methods. They will not only make your penis longer but will most importantly increase its girth. Are you interested in having a thick penis? Read on to find out what your options are!

Does penis size matter?

Does penis size matter? Opinions are divided on this issue. Dr Francken’s study from 2002 confirms what women have been saying for centuries – penis length is not important to as many as 55% of them! However, when asked if they cared more about the length or the girth of the penis, most of them chose the second parameter – the circumference (results of the survey were published in the European Urology medical journal Research done by Russel Eisenman from the University of Texas also confirms that women prefer a thick penis rather than a long one. The majority of participants responded that penis girth is much more important to getting sexual satisfaction. So, if you’re asking: does size matter? – we won’t lie to you – it does. But not as much as you may think. Penis girth and the partner’s technique and experience are much more important for women.



Research done by Russel Eisenman from the University of Texas clearly shows that women prefer a thick penis rather than a long one. As many as 45 in 50 women responded that they preferred thicker members!

Male penis – sizes

Many men feel very insecure, believing that their penises are too small. Where do these insecurities come from? Primarily from insufficient sexual education. Porn perpetuates the belief that a penis must be really big, because only then will you be able to satisfy your partner. However, studies show that average penis length and girth is not that high. Therefore the insecurities of many men may be completely unfounded.

Male penis – average size based on research done by David Veale

David Veale and a group of specialists examined 15 521 men of various ages and backgrounds. As it turned out, the (size of) male penis is not that huge! Here are the results of the research:

Average flaccid penis length 9.16 cm
Average erect penis length 13.12 cm
Average flaccid penis girth 9.31 cm
Average erect penis girth 11.66 cm

As you can see, the average penis length isn’t that big. If your penis is about 13 cm long when erected, you have nothing to worry about. However, if you want your penis to be bigger, you can try some proven exercises, penis enlargement pills or medical procedures – read more about all of these methods below.

How to make your penis thick?

After quoting some research and statistics, it’s time to move on to the crux of the matter, namely the methods that you can use to get a thick penis after some years. Below we describe some more and less demanding methods, methods that cost nothing and methods that require spending some cash.

Penis enlargement exercises

Exercises are a method with a long history, particularly in the Far East. This method requires men to invest a lot of time into them. Also, the exercises have to be done regularly. An advantage of this method, however, is its cost, and more precisely – the lack of it.  Most popular exercises for a long and thick penis include stretching, jelqing and rotation.

  1. a) Stretching: the exercise involves doing stretching movements in various directions: upwards, downwards and sideways. The exercises should be done slowly, without rushing. If you feel any pain, you should stop immediately. You can also stretch your penis in opposite directions, by holding the glans in one hand and the base in the other.
  2. b) Jelqing: this exercise is done with the penis partially erect. It involves tightly grabbing the penis at its base while the other hand makes back-and-forth motions from the base to the glans of the penis. The purpose of this exercise is to improve the blood flow in the cavernous bodies of the penis. And, as a result, increase its girth.
  3. c) Rotation: the exercise involves grabbing the head of the penis and rotating it clockwise. After 30 seconds start rotating the head counter-clockwise. If you feel any discomfort during the exercise, stop immediately.



By doing exercises, you can:

– increase the length of your penis, both when flaccid and erect;

– increase the girth of your penis, both when flaccid and erect;

– improve the shape of your penis;

– get longer erections;

– increase your ejaculation force;

– achieve a large degree of control over your ejaculation

Penis enlargement supplementation

Penis girth can also be increased thanks to special supplementation. Penis enlargement pills are becoming more and more popular. And what’s more important, they are easily available! There are many such products available on the market. The Member XXI supplement (which we will talk at more length below) has recently gained popularity among men. Supplementation is a very comfortable way of making your penis thick. You just need to remember to take the tablets every day. Maybe it’s worth a try?

Penis enlargement procedures

Both penis length and penis girth can be increased through procedures performed in a medical clinic. When choosing this solution, you must remember that such procedures are considered safe, but there may always be complications. Costs are another stumbling block – depending on the clinic, costs may be as high as 800-1800 USD. Men who’d like to increase their penis girth are usually offered two types of procedures: increasing penis girth using hyaluronic acid or increasing penis girth using their own fatty tissue.

Increasing penis girth using hyaluronic acid: the procedure involves the injection of a gel preparation, usually Desirial or Macrolane, and provides very fast results. Penis circumference may increase by 2 to 5 cm. Using acid may also extend the length of the penis by up to 3 cm. A drawback of this solution is that the effect is temporary. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that naturally occurs in the human body and therefore may be absorbed after a few years. The procedure must then be repeated, provided of course, that the man wants to retain his increased penis girth.

Increasing penis girth using own fatty tissue. Penis girth may also be increased using own fatty tissue, e.g. sucked out of the stomach. This method enables increasing your penis circumference by up to 50%! Some of the fatty tissue disappears with time, but most of it remains in place.

Increasing penis girth using hyaluronic acid is a procedure that takes approximately 20 minutes and is done in local anaesthesia. Increasing penis girth using own fatty tissue takes about an hour.

Member XXL for a thick penis

We’ve already mentioned supplements that increase your penis size, but it’s worth discussing the advantages of such products at more length. One of the most popular tablets that increase your penis girth and penis length is Member XXL; thanks to its special (but completely safe) formulation, the product can significantly increase your penis girth, provided that you take it regularly. Producers and customers claim that effects can be observed very soon after starting supplementation.

By taking Member XXL and similar products:

– your penis length will increase,

– your penis girth will increase,

– your erection will last longer,

– your sex life will improve,

– you will brim with new-found confidence.


A big penis is the dream of many men – this dream can now be achieved in many ways. To start with, it’s best to try the less-invasive methods, namely exercises and supplementation. However, medical procedures are also very safe and you shouldn’t be afraid of them – they are very effective and take just a short while. If you’re unhappy with your penis size, try to change it!

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Last modified: June 21, 2018