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Penis Exercises

What Are Penis Exercises? 7 exercises to enlarge your penis

The vast majority of men dream of a bigger member, thanks to which sex life will be better, and the partner much more satisfied than before. Many companies, thus, try to outdo each other, inventing various types of preparations that make penis enlargement possible. However, the oldest methods with which a satisfactory result can be achieved include penis exercises. They give fast results, are easy to perform and there are many to choose from. Let us take a look at the theory of penis exercises and the practice. This way we can determine if and how they can help a man.

What are penis exercises?

They are all kinds of activities related to stimulating a member. Thanks to them it is possible to increase its performance, exercise kegel muscles, and also increase blood flow into the cavernous bodies of a member. The answer to the question “what are penis exercises” is not unambiguous. In truth they are very diverse and they allow to achieve various effects. It’s worth getting to know them all!

what are penis exercises

What are the Benefits of Penis Exercises?

The benefits of penis exercises are listed in the previous section. If you have any of the above problems, do not be afraid to read on and learn about the most effective exercises. And then … test them on yourself. You risk nothing!

Do penis exercises really work?

Of course! They work on a similar principle as training other parts of the body, e.g. muscles, which we want to enlarge and strengthen. Penis exercises allow you to increase the length of a member by up to 3 cm! In addition, they improve blood circulation, improve the quality of Kegel muscles and allow you to enjoy a better sex life.

Types of penis exercises

There are many different types of penis exercises and we will try to discuss them all – so that every man can find the right one for himself!

Member massage

Penis exercises involve mainly skillful massaging. Regularly performed massages in different directions and at different intensities should give visible effects in a few weeks or months from the moment you start. It is worth getting acquainted with all types of massage that you can do every day.

Stretching a member

The most well-known type of penis exercises which should be performed after some previous  preparation. It involves warming the penis by pouring warm water on it or immersing it in it. Stretching can be performed in the following ways:

  • by grabbing the head and gently stretching it along (so as not to cause pain) – the exercise should last about 10 seconds, after which there should be a short break,
  • by grasping and pulling the head down and then up towards the stomach – duration and strength as before,
  • by gripping the penis in erection and moving your hand up and down – what counts here is a strong grip and smooth movements. It’s best to do repeat the exercise one hundred times.

These exercises work best when you combine them in series and perform them once a day for as long as even 2-3 months, so that you can achieve the expected results.

Types of penis exercises

Backward method

A relatively difficult technique, but mastering it will allow to achieve the increased length of the penis and stronger erections. Use your thumb to stretch the penis skin backwards enough to stop the blood flow to the member – the maximum duration of the exercise is 10 seconds in one repetition!

The Kegel method

In this exercise, you need to find the pubococcygeus muscle that is enhanced by suppressing urination. When you find it, stretch it 30 times a day, increasing the intensity over time. This will help to significantly strengthen and control your erection.

Rotational method

In this exercise, grab the glans of the penis, then stretch the member and rotate it – for 30 seconds clockwise and 30 seconds in the opposite direction. It is advised to perform 5 repetitions a day.


Special penis enlargement weights should be provided and then attached to the member at flaccid. Stretching it down gives really fast results!


This method requires a lubricant, and it involves pumping blood into the cavernous bodies of the penis – grab the erect penis at the base and massage it by moving your hand from top to bottom.


Penis exercises equipment and supplements

As we mentioned earlier – very useful equipment and supplements to improve penis exercises are: lubricant and weights – the latter must be specially designed for the exercises so that no undesirable effects occur! To increase the effectiveness of penis enlargement, it is also worth using special creams.

Penis Exercises – Conclusion

Penis exercises are, as you can see, very diverse, and most importantly – they work and allow you to enjoy a more efficient, larger penis and a longer-lasting erection. Remember to exercise regularly, because only then will you achieve the expected results!

Last modified: June 21, 2018