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Penis Pump – Does It Really Work? Find Out For Yourself!

Many men feel insecure about the size of their penis. Most of us would like to satisfy our sweetheart the best way we can, but we often have doubts about our bed abilities. That is why many companies are competing in creating products that will make penis enlargement possible and to the best effect. A penis pump is, without a doubt, one of such products and a solution that is well-known and  increasingly appreciated among men. What is it that we expect a penis pump to do? Increase its size, give stronger erections and more possibilities. Let us check out the variety of products that we can choose from and find out if they really work!

What Does a Penis Pump Do?

Of course, the basic job of the penis pump is to enlarge the member – both its length and circumference. However, that’s not all. What do most users expect from using a penis enlargement pump? Of course, not only to increase the size of the member, but also to increase its efficiency. This basically means: to increase potency and prolong and intensify the intercourse. Theoretically, it should also be possible to eliminate the premature ejaculation that many men struggle with. Is it all even remotely possible? And what is it that a penis pump actually does? Let us see!

How to Use a Penis Pump

How Does a Penis Pump Work?

The pump is really effective, and it works based on the mechanism and the special chamber in which the penis is to be placed. There, through manual “pumping”, a vacuum pressure is created, which results in more blood flowing into the cavernous bodies than it would in the case of a standard erection. The process itself is very fast and the effect in the form of a strong erection occurs very quickly. It is also maintained for a long time. This is how, over time, it is possible to enlarge the member.


How to Use a Penis Pump?

The basic mechanism has been described above, but to make sure that everything is done correctly, we will describe the whole process of using a penis pump step by step:

  1. The penis should be placed in a special chamber.
  2. Using a pump, create a vacuum and increase the pressure. At this stage more blood will flow into the cavernous bodies of the member.
  3. Keep on pumping until the results are satisfactory.
  4. Push the erection ring to the base of the penis.
  5. Voila – now you can enjoy a stronger erection!

If you want to learn more about how the penis pump works, check out the instructional videos on the Internet. For example the one below:

Water vs. Air Penis Pumps

There are many penis pumps that you can find on the market. There are different mechanisms, various prices and… two basic types: water pumps and air pumps. The first one uses water in the process of penis enlargement. The second one does the same thing with air. Both types are effective and the mechanism is very much the same. They both increase the blood flow to the cavernous bodies of the member. This is why the verdict in the water pump versus the air pump match is a tie!


Best Budget Penis Pumps

What are the best pumps to invest in? First of all – the ones that are proven safe and effective. We could, of course, create a ranking of the best budget penis pumps, but there are so many models that it would not make much sense. It is much better to determine the amount of money  that we can spend on the penis pump. Then we should find the products at certain prices and… check the opinions of each of them. Instead of looking for the ranking of the best budget penis pumps, which does not exist, it is better to be guided by the users who have tested the pump. They can comment on the mechanism of the specific model and objectively determine whether it makes it possible to enlarge the member. It should not be difficult to find such opinions on the Internet.

Each of us is different, so we all will need a different solution. Before making a purchase, it’s worth reading about the parameters and the mechanism of the pump, and then choose the best one. Thanks to the huge variety of products, you will definitely find a perfect pump that will be truly effective for you!

Before and After Using a Penis Pump – the final verdict

It is time for a verdict. This is what many men, looking for a best way to increase their sexual abilities, are waiting for. Is the penis pump the right solution to our problems? YES!

Best Budget Penis Pumps


First of all – the effects before and after using the penis pump are always visible to the naked eye. The results stem from the mechanism of the pump. The enlarging the cavernous bodies in a member is simply effective and allows you to get a strong erection in a very short time.

Second – the size of the penis gets bigger. This is what the majority of us expects, right? Penis pumps are effective in this respect. Not only right after using them, but also in the long run. Using the device regularly can permanently expand the cavernous bodies and make it possible to enlarge the member. Even by a few centimeters! Of course, this does not apply to everyone, but most men confirm the effectiveness of the pump.

Third – a longer-lasting intercourse. The pump strengthens the erection and eliminates the problem of premature ejaculation. This will bring your sex life to a higher level than before.

Fourth – safety. Penis pumps, contrary to some opinions, do not cause harm in any way. They can be safely used for a long time.

You should consider using a penis pump with the right penis enlargement cream. The effects should be even better and faster!

Last modified: June 21, 2018