Unpleasant penis odor

Unpleasant Penis Odor. What Is The Cause And How To Deal With It?

Our bodies produce various odors. Their nature can very often indicate the types of changes that take place in our body. Unpleasant penis odor, sometimes called penis fish (among others), may be a sign that there’s an illness developing in your system. Illnesses that result in unpleasant penis odor are usually caused by bacteria, fungi or viruses. Sometimes unpleasant penis odor is caused by insufficient hygiene of your private parts.


Penis discharge

Bulbourethral glands, urethral glands, as well as the testes, epididymis and the prostate secrete slime which is later discharged from the penis. We can distinguish various types of discharges, e.g. pre-ejaculate, also known as pre-seminal fluid. Another type of penis discharge is ejaculate, i.e. a sperm load.

Sometimes the look or smell of penis discharge can be a source of anxiety – it’s a reason to see a doctor, as this type of symptoms may be a sign of infection. Penis discharge in the form of pre-ejaculate is usually transparent, while sperm has a bright, milky colour. It’s worth remembering that the smell and taste of sperm often depends on your diet. Bloody or dark-coloured penis discharge may be a sign of a problem.

Below we describe the potential reasons for unpleasant penis odors.

Smegma – smegma is a substance that deposits on the penis, primarily under the foreskin. Smegma is a distinctive viscous and off-white gunge. Its accumulation may result in an unpleasant odor.

Fungal infection, bacterial infection or inflammation – it’s very easy to contract bacteria or fungi: during sexual intercourse, at the swimming pool, by sharing a towel with a person carrying the fungi or bacteria, etc. Unpleasant penis odor is only one of the symptoms. Other may include e.g. an itching penis, fishy penis smell or a reddened penis. Such ailments should be consulted with a doctor.

Viral infections – are among the most dangerous illnesses. You can contract them through sexual intercourse with a person carrying the infection. HPV is one such virus. Treatment involves using ointments containing antibiotics and taking oral medication.


Ailment Cause How to counteract it?
Smegma accumulation ●       Insufficient hygiene

●       Improper penis washing technique

●       ensure proper hygiene,

●       wash your penis as often as several times a day,

●       use special preparations for private parts hygiene,

●       fully clean the smegma from under the foreskin

Fungal or bacterial infections ●       physical/sexual contact with an infected person

●       contact with the personal effects of an infected person

●       Diabetes,

●       Antibiotic treatment and weakening of the system

●      Use special preparations for private parts hygiene,

●      See a doctor,

●      Use ointments or tablets prescribed by your doctor

Viral infections ●       Sexual contact with an infected person ●      See a doctor,

●      Use topical ointments with an antibiotic content or orally-taken tablets prescribed by your doctor,

●      Get a surgical intervention in case of being infected with HPV.


Other worrying ailments

Unpleasant penis odor is only one of the symptoms that you should pay attention to, as they may indicate a serious illness. Others include:

– itching and burning sensation on the penis,

– pain when urinating,

– reddening of your sexual organ,

– broken and dry skin around the penis head,

– whitish deposit on your penis,

– vesicles that appear and burst.

If you experience symptoms identical or similar to the above, if you feel that something worrying is going on, don’t wait and see a doctor now!

Some valuable advice

If you don’t want the unpleasant penis odor to return, you should observe some very important rules. By sticking to these rules, you will keep yourself fully healthy, you’ll be able to have sex whenever you want and won’t have to worry about such things as strange odors.


First, hygiene – it turns out that showering once a day isn’t always enough. Doctors believe that you should wash your penis even several times a day. You should also use special preparations meant for private parts hygiene.

Second, use condoms and avoid casual sexual contacts – many illnesses, in particular fungal and viral infections, are transmitted via sexual contact. That’s why it’s good to limit sexual activities with casual partners and always use condoms.

Third, using the private effects of other people is inadvisable – many illnesses can be contracted by using the effects of an infected person, e.g. sharing the same towel. Keep in mind to only use your own effects – don’t borrow them from other people and don’t lend them yours.

Fourth, look after your body – a weakened system is much more susceptible to dangerous viruses and bacteria. Do regular tests, take vitamins and eat well. If you are taking antibiotics, combine them with medicines that will replenish the bacterial flora in your system.

Washing your penis – hygiene of men’s private parts

We’ve already mentioned penis hygiene – it’s very important for preventing unwanted odors, as well as many infections. Most importantly, remember to wash your penis often, i.e. during every daily bath or shower, or even more frequently.

How to wash your penis?

It would seem that every man should know the answer to the question: how to wash your penis? However, it turns out that many men have considerable problems with that. What should you remember about?

  1. Use appropriate private parts hygiene products – not only women should use private parts hygiene gels. There are also specialised products for men that are worth taking advantage of. They have an antibacterial action and ensure a pleasant smell. If you don’t want to use special products, wash yourself with regular soap. Remembers: washing your penis with only water is not sufficient!
  2. After washing your penis with soap or other preparation, remember to rinse it thoroughly, preferably with a large amount of water – leaving the washing product on your penis may cause discomfort, allergies and itching of your private parts.
  3. Pull back the entire foreskin – recesses between the foreskin and the glans are very difficult to keep clean. Remember to pull back the entire foreskin when washing.


Infections of the genitourinary system are quite common. If you notice that your penis has an unpleasant odor, you should ensure a better hygiene of your private parts. If that doesn’t help, you should see a doctor. Remember that these types of diseases, in particular those caused by viruses, can be very dangerous. Today’s medicine is very efficient and quick in dealing with all kinds of infections, provided that they are diagnosed quickly.

Last modified: June 21, 2018